An encounter between a group from the association Danser sans frontières (Dancing without Borders), comprised of sixteen young french people with different experiences of dance and from diverse social backgrounds, and an Israeli-Palestinian group (twenty-four young dancers), itself a symbol of collaboration between two communities engaged in a permanent conflict.

Alain Eskenazi has produced and directed the documentary feature film ENSEMBLE (TOGETHER) that follows this week of exchange in Israel, the filming taking him from Jerusalem to Haifa and Tel Aviv.

In this film, Alain follows the adventure of these young people, taking his camera from city to city in an attempt to understand, discuss and listen, to take the temperature of this generation of French, Israeli, Jewish and Arab youngsters who are full of optimism despite a difficult context. Switching between interviews with the protagonists and dance scenes, the film is a visual and musical journey that carries a message of hope and tolerance.

Documentary Film 52 Min
Directed by Alain ESKENAZI